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Welcome to Cantilux Free Online Text Tools, your trusted destination for a wide range of text manipulation and enhancement utilities.

Welcome to Cantilux Free Online Text Tools, your trusted destination for a wide range of text manipulation and enhancement utilities.

Our Mission At Cantilux, our mission is to provide a comprehensive suite of text tools designed to empower individuals and businesses to create, modify, and improve textual content efficiently. We recognize the importance of effective text management in various contexts, from content creation and editing to data processing and analysis. Our goal is to offer intuitive and reliable solutions to meet your text-related needs.

Our Services Cantilux offers a diverse collection of text tools to cater to a wide range of users and requirements:

  • Text Separator: Easily separate text by new lines, commas, dots, and more.
  • Email Extractor: Extract email addresses from any text content effortlessly.
  • URL Extractor: Retrieve HTTP/HTTPS URLs from text with ease.
  • Text Size Calculator: Determine the size of text in bytes, kilobytes, or megabytes.
  • Duplicate Lines Remover: Quickly eliminate duplicate lines from text.
  • Text to Speech: Generate text-to-speech audio using the Google Translator API.
  • IDN Punnycode Converter: Convert between IDN and Punnycode effortlessly.
  • Case Converter: Transform text to various cases, including lowercase, UPPERCASE, and camelCase.
  • Character Counter: Count characters and words in a given text.
  • List Randomizer: Randomize lists of text effortlessly.
  • Reverse Words: Reverse the words in sentences or paragraphs.
  • Reverse Letters: Flip sentences or paragraphs by reversing letters.
  • Emojis Remover: Remove emojis from text seamlessly.
  • Reverse List: Invert the order of text lines.
  • List Alphabetizer: Order text lines alphabetically (A-Z or Z-A).
  • Upside Down Text Generator: Generate flipped or upside-down text effortlessly.
  • Old English Text Generator: Convert text to Old English font style.
  • Cursive Text Generator: Transform text into cursive font style effortlessly.

Our Approach At Cantilux, we prioritize simplicity, efficiency, and accuracy in our text tools. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users of all skill levels to access and utilize our tools effortlessly. We focus on providing accurate results quickly, enabling users to streamline their text-related tasks without unnecessary complications.

Our Commitment We are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of our users' data. We do not collect or store any personal information during text processing, and we adhere to stringent data protection practices to safeguard user privacy.

Join the Cantilux Community Whether you're a content creator, data analyst, student, or anyone in need of text manipulation tools, we invite you to explore our range of services and experience the convenience of Cantilux. Stay updated with our latest developments by following us on social media or subscribing to our newsletter.

Thank you for choosing Cantilux Free Online Text Tools. We look forward to serving your text manipulation needs and contributing to a more efficient and productive online experience.